What does financial planning have in common with a jigsaw puzzle?

At the outset, both consist of a jumble of pieces. With the jigsaw puzzle, we usually have a picture from which we can draw inspiration to complete the task. The financial planning puzzle, however, requires the experience and knowledge of the advisor. He or she will bring together the various pieces of the puzzle and lead the process of developing the picture. The pieces will include cash management, estate creation, estate planning, investment advice, retirement planning, risk management, tax planning and wealth accumulation. Some pieces have a smooth, flat edge while others are jagged and irregular. All play a part in creating the whole.

Each corner of the puzzle provides us with a choice. In all key areas, Monaghan Financial Group will assist you in making the choice that is correct for you, your loved ones and, where applicable, your employees.

Choice involves you and your advisor in determining together what the goals need to be. While most people wish to retire some day, not everyone has that desire. Since attitude and/or health might change over time, it is smart to have the choice of being able to move from living off earned income to living from investment income.

Choosing to create an estate is the challenge for smart younger clients. Choice arises for the middle-aged when determining how to transfer wealth to the next generation. With smart estate planning and appropriate tax planning, we can preserve for our children, church and charities what might otherwise go to the taxman.

Choice is also made when we decide whether or not to take the risk of all our economic planning being ripped apart by illness. As we grow through the stages of estate creation to retirement planning to estate preservation, we hope to do so with good health. However, one Canadian in every four will contract heart disease, one in three will develop some form of life threatening cancer. It is a smart choice to obtain sufficient critical illness insurance. If a serious illness holds the potential to damage the prosperity of those we love, disability insurance is essential. With 21st century critical illness/disability insurance, it is possible to arrange the return of your premiums if you remain among the claim-free group.

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