Quotes from some of our clients!

Vic Alby, P.Eng. – Toronto, ON
Marina Alby

“Marina and I appreciate that you always encourage us to make decisions without our feeling pressured. In the 18 years we have been with your company, we never have regretted following your advice.”

John Amatt – Canmore, AB
President, One Step Beyond WorldWide

“Thank you for your support and advice in helping to get our financial house in order and for encouraging us to go ‘one step beyond’ in our personal, long-range planning. Since Peggy and I started working with you, our understanding of economic matters has increased exponentially.”

Lorraine Belanger – Calgary, AB
Mary Kay Cosmetics

“Your common sense perspectives on finance and wealth-building are truly appreciated, especially in the complicated markets. Your newsletters always have a way of clearing a path in the avalanche of contradictory data to which we are subjected on a daily basis.”

Nigel Clipstone, P.Eng. – Calgary, AB
Joan Clipstone

“It must have been about 1982 when Joan and I first met you professionally. Over the years, your assistance has been invaluable, especially when we moved into retirement. We appreciate the way you meticulously detail options available, thus enabling us to make well informed decisions.”

Lynn Cote, M.Sc. – Edmonton, AB
“The knowledge you have imparted to me and your time to explain and teach has been given with such professionalism. There are very few people today who provide such valuable and excellent service with so much care.”

Barry Creighton – Calgary, AB
President, Super Drug Mart

“We extend to Brian Monaghan of Monaghan Financial Group Inc. our sincere thank you for his assistance, not only with our insurance needs but good counsel and a willingness to assist in other areas of our lives ëto make a difference'.”

Roy de Silva – Calgary, AB
President, Laserguy Ophthalmic Services Inc.

“You are always very patient and answer any questions I have and take the time to make sure I understand the answers. I also look forward to and appreciate each newsletter that you send out. There is always interesting and pertinent information. Not just a newsletter for the sake of having one.”

Gerard Finn, Travel Emissary – Thailand
“Since my first appointment with you, in 1975, my admiration for your well-versed knowledge has continued to grow. You know, it really is fantastic to have had such a level of service available to me for the past three decades. Ireland’s loss was certainly Canada’s gain! I salute you!”

Clarence Formanek B.Ed., M.Ed. – Calgary, AB
Fay Formanek, B.Ed

“Fay and I were able to meet our goal of retiring comfortably, at age 55 secure in the knowledge that we could maintain our existing lifestyle. We trust you and admire you, both as a person and as a financial expert. Thank you.”

Harvey Fulton, P.Eng. – Sidney, BC
“Thank you for the time you have dedicated to my financial affairs over the past several years. Your advice and assistance has been most valuable during these volatile times. The returns you have achieved this decade of 20% compound per annum more than double the industry average!”

John Good – Calgary, AB
President, Bow Valley Insurance Services

“At this time when the worlds equity markets are experiencing serious downturns and most of my friends are expressing doubts about their investments, my only regret is that I did not meet you sooner in my life.”

Harry Helwerda, P.Eng. – Calgary, AB
Senior Partner, Sproule Associates

“Your friendliness, knowledge and dedication to your clients is an attribute not often seen in your profession today. Your services and the programs in place will be of lasting benefit to us.”

Dr. Emlyn Jessop – University of Calgary, AB
“I have appreciated greatly the fact that you deal only with those companies that have enjoyed a long record of stable growth and which are among the most respected of financial institutions; the wisdom of your approach has more that paid dividends. I look forward with confidence to many more years of good advice from a trusted financial expert and good friend.”

Roux Laflamme – San Diego, CA
President, Alis Technologies, Inc.

“No one but you could get Revenue Canada to make a ruling in only one day so that we could complete a difficult business acquisition. We have always relied on your superior service and, as you always have done in the past 18 years, you came through for us again. It is amazing that even though we’ve lived in different cities, provinces and now countries, you still look after us just like we were down the street.”

Wm. James Mayhew, M.D. – Calgary, AB
“My financial future has been addressed efficiently and effectively by Brian for more than 15 years. His advice has been given in a relaxed, easy to understand manner. As an added benefit, his program has provided my investment with an exceptional return!”

Maurice McKee, P.Eng. – Toronto, ON
“I wish to thank you for the time you spent with me in Toronto reviewing my RRSP, investments and strategy. I am most pleased with the performance of my funds under your direction and with the personalized service you have provided.”

Kirk D. McIntyre, FSA, FCIA
“You had the rare foresight to predict the strength of the U.S. market that delivered an average annual compounded return of 17.79% to your clients over the last decade.”

Christopher Robinson, DDS, FRCD – Edmonton, AB
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

“What Dianne and I have most appreciated has been the open & friendly manner of our dialogue and the confidentiality which you have maintained throughout the process. We were given the opportunity to be educated in financial matters at the same time as being given a range of options to choose from which most closely suited our needs. We were grateful for the fact that no pressure was applied to us in the decision making process.”

Otto Salomons, C.A. – Calgary, AB
Senior Partner, Deloitte & Touche

“I would like to express my thanks for the indispensable service you have provided to both me, and the many clients I have referred to you. Everyone appreciates your unbiased, no pressure approach and enjoys being able to make right decisions for themselves. Your professionalism and integrity are superb!”

Burton Shields, B.A., LL.B. – Calgary, AB
“I would like to express the appreciation of myself and my wife for the efforts which you have expended on our behalf in advising us as to our financial planning and insurance requirements over the past several years. Your personal background and moral standards are of great significance to me.”

Carol Sieben – Calgary, AB
“Your professional demeanor has gained my total confidence. You have displayed the utmost respect, and all facets of investment choices offered were explained in layman terms. I have observed a dedication on your part, in offering bonuses and in staying alert to events instrumental in the performance of your clients portfolios. It has been my pleasure to highly recommend your services.”

Laurie Skreslet – Calgary, AB
President, Skreslet Adventure Services Inc.

“Can you imagine what it would take to insure a guy who climbs mountains for a living? What it took was a person with commitment and perseverance – so I do now have an excellent policy. Thanks to you, Brian!”

Brent Symes, Ph.D., Chartered Psychologist - Edmonton, AB
"The services that you offer are excellent! I appreciate your honesty, confidentiality, and willingness to meet regularly to discuss my financial situation. Thanks for all your hard work over the past several years."

Ralph Thompson, B.Bs., D.D.A. – Three Hills, AB
“Patricia and I feel very secure knowing that all our financial matters are growing and completely protected from any possible encroachments. You bring us peace of mind.”

Mert Trent, Coldwell Banker – Phoenix, Arizona
“You have the ability to communicate in a clear, lively and enthusiastic way. You are truly a man of integrity and I would not hesitate for a split second to recommend you. Also, Brian, your golf tournament is a Class A event.”

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